Override Passes

Thank You Ipswich!


Dear Supporters,

The votes are in and after a very high voter turnout, Ipswich has come together and passed the override. Our entire community should be proud of such a robust and diverse participation in our town’s democratic process – not only today but over these many months of civic engagement and respectful debate, regardless of one’s position on the override.

As supporters, we will all rejoice in this moment and the brighter prospects ahead for our schools, community and children. But it is important to remember this victory is a difficult loss for many of our friends, neighbors and fellow community members. We know too well how it feels to be on the other side – please be respectful.

We will be in touch in the days to come with more detail on the voting results. Enjoy this moment and be proud of your participation. Ipswich is a wonderful community.

Rachel Roesler
Sue Brengle
Co-Chairs, Ipswich Supports Education